Welcome to my portfolio/blog/personal platform! It is undeniably tough to pin a single name to this. Nonetheless, this is essentially a medium for me to share my thoughts and opinions on the world at large, as well as to show off things I've built and are continuing to build.

One of my core beliefs is that everyone is a builder. We're all building something, and it's important as all hell that we put it out there for the world to see.

Through my musings, I hope to tell stories. And through my creations, I hope to enrich the human existence in any way possible. This is how I hope to unabashedly project my existence into the digital realm as we hurtle through the cosmos.

As with everything, this will always be a work-in-progress. Launching this in the first place took so much out of me in terms of having to accept a lack of perfection. Done is better than perfect is an adage I've come to accept over the years, especially in the army. While perfectionism should always be the gold standard, it should never work against completionism. There should always exist a healthy tension between the two for the world to be in balance, as all things should be.

There are definitely some kinks here and there that I will have to iron out. But hey, at least the kinks are out there!

I will be chronicling the creation of this site in a blog post, and I will update this sentence linking back to it once it's complete, whenever that is!